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i wanted a change of scenery

but i don't like the layout...its obnoxious. XP

but its not like any others out there wern't any better. so i might change around once again.

so with the new-er blog layout i also deleted all my old posts! and made my LJ friends only! 
why deleat the old entries?
-i felt they were long and boring.
and no friends only?
-i like the banner and i think its kinda cool.

so now i'm gunna try keeping blogging light, fun, and fluffy.

This Live Journal is Friends Only!

                                Friends Only

please do! just list your name, 2 favorite colors, and where you know me from. ^^ 
if you don't know me IRL (like most of you i think) just what LJ community you see me post. <3 
any other notes are also welcomed! 

if i added you before you seen this then you don't need to ask for friendship! 

~image (C) angelic pretty coloring and edited by me!