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  • usagi_moonc@livejournal.com

Hello There! I'm Usagi_MoonC aka Tawnya! Your viewing my bio!
Currently my profile is set to Friends Only so you'll have to request to be added.

Somethings you should know about me before you decide to read my live journal:

I'm 17 and am currently residing on North America Centeral Time.
I love Gothic Lolita Fashion, but i do have other interests.
This Blog is to express all of my life issues in addition to Lolita fashion.
Any Responses received or delivered from my journal shouldn't be taken personally unless they are good. ^^

I can't stand bright colors. i have a less tolerance for them lately and i haven't gained back much (if any) for them. Pastels are okay! just no obnoxious stuff. >.<

I'm optimistic most of the time! I like to try new things!

I LOVE commenting on my friend's blogs. I really like to stay updated with peoples lives so i make comments, especially my friends. i may not know you but i make an effort to know you <3.
So if you leave me a comment i'll reply usually if its reply-able. ^^ so check back sometimes i may have said something.

don't be afraid to reply with your thoughts on this subject!

i do take random pictures from the internet. and most of the time i dont remember where i got them. (thank you google images) if i have the time i'll try to go back and find where i got the images and link back. but for now. :) you'll have to deal with it. but if theres a watermark on the image i won't take it off. :) :)

i own a horse and i'm training her! for our progress please see my youtube channel or read up on us in our own Livejournal: http://candyhorse105.livejournal.com/

i own a poupee girl account: UsagiGirlC http://pupe.ameba.jp/profile/WowGgEDkeb_g/

and my myspace: www.myspace.com/creativity1

if you want to add me on face book send me a message. ;D